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non-binary genders date back to ancient egypt if not earlier and yet people still act like they’re some kind of “tumblr trend” like what else from 2000 bc are you not gonna believe in? roads? beer? locks?

the pyramids are a myth perpetuated by social justice bloggers

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Why were you putting rocks in the pencil sharpener?

Because I needed them for my arrowhead collection.

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listening to your favorite band with your friend


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I try to not let it have an affect on me and to preserve my real life. People think they know everything about me. But fuck, who knows the truth? No one.
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Taxi Driver (1976)

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“Blood on the Leaves” is one of my favorite songs. It’s great. [Kanye]’s just ridin’ the wave and not takin’ no for an answer. We almost worked together, but I never got the ideas. I feel I let him down a little bit. I was going to do the music video for “Blood on the Leaves,” but it never happened. I didn’t come up with any ideas that I thought he would like. Kanye came up to the house one day. Kanye’s a good guy, and a great musician. I loved the song, and that’s what brought us together, but I couldn’t come up with ideas that thrilled either one of us.
- Director David Lynch on a past possible collaboration with Mr. West (via david-lynch-world)
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lol look how quickly tables turned after consequences were involved

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Andrew Garfield for BandOfOusiders - August 2014 (x)

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me: heyy whats your fav band?
boy: the beatles
me: *falls asleep*
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Kristen & friends in LA today (30/08/2014)

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